Sunday, September 20, 2009

Watches - Status Indicator

watch mechanism from Switzerland
Nothing is said about the man as attributes. Luxurious tie or cuff links from Graff with his trademark yellow diamonds sometimes tell his owner more than his expensive car.

But the most prominent object on which pay attention to all without exception - this watch.

By the way, watches appeared, by historical standards, quite recently. Men's Watches saw the light thanks to a brilliant discovery of the French watchmaker Cartier has made it to his friend, the famous aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, who once said that he wants to have the opportunity to know the exact time without removing hands from the steering wheel.

These men's watches on a leather strap, which covers the wrist and a fine castle, Cartier made by hand for three years. The model, called later Santos, has made a real revolution in the fashion world, and then men's pocket watches were almost forgotten. Curiously, but today you can buy watches Santos, is an exact replica men's watches, a century ago, have conquered the whole world.

Women's watches can not boast of such an unusual story of origin, because there is no need to visit the ladies however, and therefore women's watches are always perceived more as decoration than as a device for timing. For example, by the time the Santos-Dumont first put into the hands of a real chronometer - men's watch from Cartier, bombshells that time already proudly wore on their wrists Fine Ladies watch from Patek Philippe, which are time show almost did not know how, but admiring glances Cavaliers evoked without a doubt.

But the Swiss watch show it so well that in combination with its unsurpassed reliability for several centuries in a row are the standard of quality, stability and prestige.

Historically, the Swiss watches have become a symbol of luxury. It all started with the famous decree of Calvin, who in 1541 banned the wearing of jewelry. At this instantly responded watchmakers guild, and men's and women's watches at once became a symbol of wealth and status, and the very phrase "What time is it?" Has become a hidden meaning.

Today, Swiss watches are only the strong, successful and confident people.